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Week One: Eyes Wide Open

“Excuse me, what is this class for?” His 5’’4’ frame stood before me covered in a black pullover and the classic blue uniform pants. I looked up from the table and explained it was a photography class and that I even had cameras for him to use.  “Thank you”. He went over to the table and took a seat. I think the promise to throw them a big party once class was over and invite lots of people to come and check out their work is what really drew him in.  Three other boys came after him and one little girl. We spent the spent the next hour discussing the proper way to handle a camera, point of view and composition. Half our time was spent outside taking pictures.  I’m gonna stop talking and let you all see where my photography students are starting 🙂  My posts for the next few weeks will be all about Lamontez, Markevius, Carmen, Ron and Myron. They are the brave souls that dare to learn something different and I am so honored to be learning with them!


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